My Portfolio: Klaudia

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Here's a couple of photos I took of the stunning Klaudia @ Next at Netil House a while back, with hair and makeup by Olivia @ Glasshouse. One of the best movers I've ever shot. Check out more from this shoot on my portfolio HERE and feel free to get in touch HERE regarding work and collaborations.


  1. You are an artist in life and in work. Frankly, you've managed to pull of the life i aspire for. Inspiration!

    I write about being 20 something now and wanting to make an impact on the world and trying to figure out how the hell to. I thought maybe you'd find it appealing. I would be flattered if you had a gander.


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  3. OBSESSED with this! LOVE x


    Natalie Off Duty

  4. You are one of the biggest inspiration I have.
    All your pictures are amazing. The pictures that you take and your outfit posts.



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